Word 2022 Endnote Numbering Problem

If you are a skinflint like me and refuse to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Office you may find this workaround for a notorious Word 2002 bug helpful.

If you add Footnotes or Endnotes to a document and then delete one or more you will probably find the numbering goes bananas. I have tried every fix on the internet to sort it but only one works for me. 

Make your Endnote changes and save the document. use Ctrl+A to select the whole document, then Ctrl+C to copy. Open a NEW document (the page layout is not important) Ctrl+V to paste the document. You should note that the Endnote numbering is now correct. Ctrl+A to select this modified document. Go back to the original document which should still show that it is Selected, if not Ctrl+A again and then Ctrl+C to past in the modified document. Check that your modification has worked, if so Save. Best of luck!