Had one of those strange occurrences this morning whilst working on my dissertation in Word, I hit the wrong key(s) which keys I have no idea and suddenly I AM TYPING IN CAPS AND NOTHING I DID WOULD TURN IT OFF. WHICH WAS A BIT OF A BALL ACHE AS I WAS FINISHING OFF A DRAFT OF MY DISSERTATION AND ABOUT TO DASH OFF TO A TUTORIAL. Enough of that! I hastily Googled "CAPS LOCKED ON KEYBOARD" and tried the first option in the list. They suggested holding down both shift keys at the same time and count 5 - BINGO it worked!


Firefox Background Removal

When Mozilla installed version 3.6.10 of Firefox today a very irritating background appeared! Not immediately obvious how to remove this. Apparently you need to go to:->

Tools>Add-ons>Themes click the active background to uninstall.



Ipod/Iphone Caps Lock

To enter my router WEP password requires numbers and CAPS to be entered. It has driven me crackers entering CAPS when the default is lower case. I discovered the following fix:-

Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Enable Caps Lock

Once this is enabled, tapping the shift key twice will turn on caps lock. When the caps lock is enabled, it will glow blue.



Not so brilliant, the caps lock will not stay locked as you toggle back and forth between alpha and numeric keyboards, bummer!

However - the simple answer is to enter your WAP password into Notes app and then when you need it cut and paste, simple really. It works for all my other network passwords as well, hooray!)


Downloading a Quicktime Movie

I normally use the Firefox plug-in DownloadHelper to rip streaming video like YouTube or embedded movies, however occasionally it does not respond to embedded Quicktime movies. Here is a solution.

This only works with Firefox. Open the webpage containing the Quicktime video. On the Firefox toolbar at the top of the screen, click "Tools". Halfway down the page click on the button that says "Page Info". In the menu that opens click on the "Media" tab. Look down the list for the movie. It is possible that the entry will be greyed out, ignore this and highlight the entry. Further down the same page, towards bottom right, click on "Save As" and save the .mov file to wherever you want to store it.

Step 1 Saving the Movie
Click on the Tools button on the top of the page, go down and click on "page info"

Step 2 Get set up to download the video
A window with tabs will pop up. Click on the Tab marked Media

Step 3 Find the Video and save it
You look through the page info box until you find the Video you want. After you have found the video you click save as, enter the name you want it saved as, and save it!

Step 4 Update
If you want to download flash games off, like addicting games or anygaming website. All you have to do is download it like if it was a video like i showed and open it with your internet browser. And the best thing is that, when ever you play it, it will be the full screen. enjoy

Quicktime Controls Invisible in Firefox 3.5.8

When using Quicktime viewer in Firefox the control bar at the bottom of the console is usually blacked out and the controls are invisible. Curiously they do show very occasionally. Anyway here is a fix.

1. Right click on the browser icon the main icon on your Desktop of in tool bar not the one at the top left of the browser window.
2. Select properties
3. Go to the compatibility tab
4. Check the box for "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
5. Make sure it says "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" in the drop down list.
6. Press "OK" at the bottom
7. Reload Firefox

This solution will allow you to see the normal Quicktime timeline and volume options, etc. when watching a Quicktime video.


View or Print a File Directory/Folder

Have you ever wanted to print out a list a directory/folder list of files from Windows Explorer, a bit like this:-

There is no simple way to do this in Vista, not sure about Windows 7 but I would be surprised if there was! The answer is to make a couple of tweaks to the registry, not as hard as it may sound and add a couple of files to the Windows directory/folder. There is a thread on the Vista Windows forum, which tells you how and provides the necessary files and registry tweaks, follow this link. It took me about 5 mins to work it out. The outcome will be two addition to the "Context Menu" as you will see from the screen-grab below. The option creates a text file in Notepad which you can view, edit and or print. Why don't Microsoft provide such an option? No don't answer that.


Transferring BIG files

Have you ever had a problem sending a LARGE file to someone. Many email providers have an Max file size that you can send as an attachment. Sending films, PSD files etc can be a nightmare. I came across TransferBIGfiles How does it work? Here are the FAQ answers from the site:-


What is TransferBigFiles?
TransferBigFiles is the easiest way to share a bunch of files with friends, family or everybody in the world. There's no registration required to use the website. You can just go to the home page and start uploading some files.

What is the storage limit for my files?
TransferBigFiles does not limit the amount of space your account can use on our servers, the only storage limit we have is that your files may not be larger then one (1) gigabyte.

For how long are my files stored?
Files are stored for up to 5 days or until the download limit of 20 downloads is reached.