Make a Picture Grid using Picasa

How often have you wanted to make a grid of photographs? OK what is a picture grid, well checkout the example above, yes, it's a Collage. You can do this in Photoshop but it will take you an hour or so. In Picasa it is the matter of a few moments. If you don't know anything about Picasa, it is a free image editing programme from Google, click the link to find out more.
On the Main Picasa page there is a button at the bottom named "Collage". But before you click this you need to select your images, ok have a look first if you must.
Search through the Album views, select your images by highlighting it, the image will appear in the "Photo Tray" bottom left, click the "Hold" button to select the image. Continue to select all the images you want to include in your Collage by adding them to the Photo Tray.
When you have accumulated the required number of images, click the "Collage" button, choose the option "Picture Grid" and choose a place to file your Collage. The option creates a SQUARE grid of images 10x10, 20x20 100x100 etc. If you do not select the required number of images to fill the grid ie only 95 images Picasa will duplicate 5 images from your selection to fill the gaps and give you a round 100 images and a 10x10 grid, you get the idea!.
Once you have saved your file you can modify it in Photoshop as I have done below, to add text or to fiddle with as you see fit.