Downloading a Quicktime Movie

I normally use the Firefox plug-in DownloadHelper to rip streaming video like YouTube or embedded movies, however occasionally it does not respond to embedded Quicktime movies. Here is a solution.

This only works with Firefox. Open the webpage containing the Quicktime video. On the Firefox toolbar at the top of the screen, click "Tools". Halfway down the page click on the button that says "Page Info". In the menu that opens click on the "Media" tab. Look down the list for the movie. It is possible that the entry will be greyed out, ignore this and highlight the entry. Further down the same page, towards bottom right, click on "Save As" and save the .mov file to wherever you want to store it.

Step 1 Saving the Movie
Click on the Tools button on the top of the page, go down and click on "page info"

Step 2 Get set up to download the video
A window with tabs will pop up. Click on the Tab marked Media

Step 3 Find the Video and save it
You look through the page info box until you find the Video you want. After you have found the video you click save as, enter the name you want it saved as, and save it!

Step 4 Update
If you want to download flash games off, like addicting games or anygaming website. All you have to do is download it like if it was a video like i showed and open it with your internet browser. And the best thing is that, when ever you play it, it will be the full screen. enjoy

Quicktime Controls Invisible in Firefox 3.5.8

When using Quicktime viewer in Firefox the control bar at the bottom of the console is usually blacked out and the controls are invisible. Curiously they do show very occasionally. Anyway here is a fix.

1. Right click on the browser icon the main icon on your Desktop of in tool bar not the one at the top left of the browser window.
2. Select properties
3. Go to the compatibility tab
4. Check the box for "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
5. Make sure it says "Windows XP (Service Pack 2)" in the drop down list.
6. Press "OK" at the bottom
7. Reload Firefox

This solution will allow you to see the normal Quicktime timeline and volume options, etc. when watching a Quicktime video.