Transferring BIG files

Have you ever had a problem sending a LARGE file to someone. Many email providers have an Max file size that you can send as an attachment. Sending films, PSD files etc can be a nightmare. I came across TransferBIGfiles How does it work? Here are the FAQ answers from the site:-


What is TransferBigFiles?
TransferBigFiles is the easiest way to share a bunch of files with friends, family or everybody in the world. There's no registration required to use the website. You can just go to the home page and start uploading some files.

What is the storage limit for my files?
TransferBigFiles does not limit the amount of space your account can use on our servers, the only storage limit we have is that your files may not be larger then one (1) gigabyte.

For how long are my files stored?
Files are stored for up to 5 days or until the download limit of 20 downloads is reached.

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