History in the Making

I experienced a very emotional photographic moment today (16-07-07). Whilst on a visit to London at the weekend I decided on Monday morning to take a trip to The Truman Brewery in Brick Lane to see if I could catch any of the Art Student exhibitions, that's another story.

My last visit to the Brick Lane area was in October last year. I had a great day recording the vast amount of Graffiti in the area. At that time I also visited the location of a painting by the painter Nicholas Middleton who used the railway tunnel at the end of Pedley St, off Brick Lane, as the location for his painting "Scene from a Contemporary Novel". To my horror on my visit today I discovered the Pedley St and the Bridge are no more along with 90% of the Graffiti I recorded, including some classic Banksy stuff.

Why? Because, around what was the old Shoreditch station, which closed in June 2006, they are building a new station which will be part of the new Overground rail network covering London, as part of the developments for the Olympics. They call it progress. I know there are photographers out there who are recording the East End of London before the Olympics developments sweep history under the carpet. We have a duty as photographers to record the world as we find it. Get out there and get recording before it is too late. You will discover some great images in the process.

The images I recorded in October are now, I assume, of immense historical value.

To see a mix of the images I recorded in October 2006 and July 2007 click the image below to visit my Picasa Gallery or view the slide show.

Graffiti - Brick Lane Area

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