Photoshop Tutorials - Special Offer

Finding Photoshop tutorials that are easy to understand and which address the basics in a comprehensive manner is not easy. I can highly recommend tutorials by local photographer and world famous photo-blogger David Nightingale.

David is publishing via his website www.chromasia.com an excellent series of on-line Photoshop tutorials that are proving extremely popular. David was a university lecturer before he became a full time photographer and this shows in his easy to follow tutorial style.

The tutorials, published monthly, have so far covered :-
  • Tonal Range and the Curve tool
  • Toning coloured images
  • Black and White – part one
  • Landscapes: creating dramatic skies
  • Portraits: part one
  • Next month: An introduction to LAB colour mode.
Each tutorial comes with a set of down-loadable images for you to practice with, video clips to explain particular points and a printable pdf document.

There is a modest charge for each tutorial or an annual subscription is available for less tha the cost of a photography magazine. Dave Nightingale is offering PPS members a special limited period offer 25% discount for an annual subscriptions. For more information and a sample tutorial click here.

Or you can find out more about the individual tutorials by clicking this link.

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