Creating an Account at Flickr.com

How to join the Poulton Photographic Society Group at:-


• Create Yahoo ID

• Create Flickr Accounts

• Add PPSoc as a contact and mark as friend

• Send PPSoc a Flickr Mail requesting Membership of the Group

• Upload Photos to your Flickr account

• Add Photos to a Group Pool

• Order of Tasks

Create Yahoo! and Flickr Accounts

• Account Setup with a previous Yahoo! username

–On the Flicker main page, click “Sign Up”

– Enter your Yahoo! username and password and click “Sign In”

– Re-enter your password and click “Sign In”

– Choose a Flickr username, and click “Sign In”

• Account Setup without a previous Yahoo! username

–On the Flicker main page, click “Sign Up”

– In the “Don't have a Yahoo! ID?” box click “Sign Up”

– Fill in your information

• Check the “Create my free Yahoo! email address” box – this will simplify the setup process, and the members need not use the address.

• Do not provide an alternative email address

– Click “I Agree”

– After your Yahoo! account is set up, click “Continue to Yahoo! Flickr”

– Choose a Flickr username(does not have to be the same as YahooID), and click “Sign In”

Account Setup without a previous Yahoo! username

Account Setup with a previous Yahoo! username


  • Take some time after signing up to explore the website. There are some really interesting photos and features.
  • From any page, clicking the “Home” button in the top left corner will bring you to your Flickr Homepage
  • Manage your information and settings by clicking the “You” drop down menu, then clicking “Account”

– Buddy Icon: choose or upload a picture to act as your icon (optional)

– Profile: Add information about yourself (optional)

Upload Photos to Flickr

  • On your Flickr homepage, click the “You” drop-down menu.
  • Click the “Upload Photos” link.
  • Click the “Browse” button next to the first dialogue box.
  • Choose the file you want to upload and click “Ok”
  • Repeat for the other dialogue boxes, for up to six photos.
  • If you wish, add a Tag to all the photos
  • Click the “Private” radio button, and the “Friend” check box
  • Click “Upload”
  • You can now add descriptions and additional tags to each separate photo. When finished, click “Save”

Adding Photos to a Group Pool

• Sending photos from your library

– On your Flikr homepage click the “Your Photos”link in the right-hand column

– Chick on the picture you wish to send to the group’s pool.

– Above the picture, click the “Send to Group”button. Then click the group.

– Click “Yes” and “Ok” to complete the process.

– To easily move to the next photo, click on the photo shown in the “photostream” window. Repeat the steps and send each photo to the group pool.

Adding Photos to a Group Pool

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