Vista 64 bit Sound Recording Problem

My new computer runs under Vista 64 bit. Not the most user friendly operating system. Have Microsoft not heard the expression"if it ain't broke don't fix it"!

When I came to record the sound for an AV sequence using Audacity I found that it would not record either from the Internet of from the HD.

Checked all the usual things, preferences, control panel etc. I could only find two sound recording inputs, mic and line, no mixer!

Google wasn't much help, the usual, "check the drivers are up to date" rubbish. However with a bit more digging a helpful chap suggested the following solution.

Go to:- Control Panel> Sound> Recording Tab> right click on the white background and LOW AND BEHOLD a dialog box appears with the option to "Show Disabled Devices"! Which in my case was the Mixer. How bl**dy obtuse can Microsoft get? Why the hell do they not show these options in the control panel!

Anyway, problem solved, go to Audacity> Edit> Preferences> Audio I/O> Device there should noe be an option to select Mixer. Also interesting to note that when using Vista 64, in the Audacity Mixer Toolbar the device selection box is greyed out.

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