Dell Monitor Power Button Failure

The power (on/off) button on my Dell 2407 WFP-HC monitor failed, fortunately in the ON position. Despite the monitor being about 8 years old it works perfectly well and I had no intentions of trashing it, so was it fixable? Lo and behold first Google search result was a YouTube video, in 4 parts, of how to repair the power button on a Dell 2407 WFP monitor by thinkofwhy.

I would advise watching all 4 videos before starting. Watch out where he mentions removing the stand and rear cover in part 4.  Removing the rear cover will make the removal of the circuit board that holds the switches much easier and its replacement. It is important to replace the button in the correct orientation, that is with the line vertical. Before I got to dismantling my monitor I discovered that if I used a blob of Blue Tack pressed on the button and turned the button to the correct orientation I could operate the button.

The problem is if your button fails in the OFF position you will not be able to watch these videos.  From the number of comments on the video's this is a common problem with this and other Dell monitors so even if yours is working ok check these instructions out before it is too late.

Part 1       
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Anonymous said...

I came across this blog looking for a solution to the power button being "stuck" on my Dell 2407WFP and your tip about using something sticky to turn the button so it was oriented properly saved me a headache! It worked perfectly!

Hopefully i'll get another couple years out of this display. About 6 months ago I had to completely disasemble it in order to replace the main power board after it blew the main capacitor due to Dell using low quality parts. The button never felt the same after reassembly, which suggests I probably cracked that thin piece behind the power button.

At least it works again.


AJPEE said...

Thanks for the comment Andrew. Always good to know when a post has been useful. Capacitors seem to be a weak point in so many devices. I have replaced quite a few myself. The most recent being in a TP-Link LAN adapter.