How to Open PNG Images in Picasa

Picasa doesn’t automatically include Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images by default. You can however view PNG images in your Picasa photo library and open them in Picasa for editing from the Picasa Photo Viewer application. You can also set PNG images to always open in Picasa Photo Viewer. It just needs a change to the <Preferences>.

How to Open PNG Images in Picasa
  1. Open Picasa.
  2. Click the Tools menu in Picasa and select Options.
  3. Click the File Types tab at the top of the Options window.
  4. Enable PNG image support by clicking the PNG check box and clicking “OK.”
  5. Click the Tools menu and select Configure Photo Viewer.
  6. Click the PNG check box in the Photo Viewer Configuration window to open all PNGs in the Picasa Photo Viewer by default, if desired, and click “OK.”
If Picasa does not update missing PNG files automatically, add PNG files to your Picasa library by clicking the File menu and selecting Add File to Picasa or Add Folder to Picasa. Picasa also automatically adds to your library PNG images in folders it’s already watching.

Adapted from a post on eHow.com

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