How to Avoid Paying Ryanair Travel Insurance

 Have you ever booked a Ryanair flight and been stuffed by what appears to be their compulsory travel insurance? There are a number of postings on the Internet offering solutions to this problem but they all seem to be out of date as Ryanair has changed their page layout. Here is the solution I discovered.

Ryanair has constructed its ticket sales architecture in such a way as to make it difficult for occasional users to avoid buying overpriced insurance. Well here is how to avoid it... When you get to the Travel Insurance section: Click on the "Country of Residence" box and look for the strange country called "Don't Insure Me" between Denmark and Finland and select this option!  See the photograph below.

There are so many reasons why you would not want to fly Ryanair, this is just one of many.

If you want a few more reasons check out the travel blog of Marie-Eve Vallieres at "To Europe & Beyond".

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