iTalk Recorder App on iPhone 4S - Deleting Files

I use the excellent Griffin Technology iTalk app in my iPhone 4S and my iPad to record mainly interview and meetings. The only problem is the files can be large and soon eat up storage space. I use the related iTalk Sync app on my Windows PC to download recordings. The reason for this post is to clarify the process for deleting files from your phone.

I connect the phone to PC open iTalk on the phone and open iTalk Sync the software finds the phone, double click the name of the phone and accept the message that appears on the phone. You can drag and drop the files that appear in the desktop app into a folder to store them. The download process can be slow depending upon how many and how large the files are, so don't be in rush. The app will tell you the sync speed. I find occasionally that this does not move but the files do download. Have a look in the receiving folder to check progress. If there is none  close everything and start again.  To delete files, click the edit option on the phone and you will see a red stop sign against each file tap these and then the Delete option that appears. Repeat for all the files you want to delete. The next step isn't obvious, the app keeps a backup copy of the file so if you want to delete the files completely you need to delete the backup. After "deleting" the files in the list a message appears "Deleted Recordings (?)" tap this message and a list of the deleted recordings appears, at then click on the words "Clear All" in red bottom right of the screen, a pop up asks you to confirm "Clear All". You are returned to the Playback Screen. Exit the app by pressing the phone Home Button.

To Summarise:-
  1. Turn on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  2. Open the iTalk app.
  3. Select the recording you wish to delete.
  4. Touch the "Edit" button at the top of your screen.
  5. Touch the red "Do Not Enter" button that appears next to the recording you want to delete. 
  6. Touch the "Delete" button that appears.
  7. Open the "Deleted Recordings" folder to view your deleted files. Touch "Clear All" to permanently remove those recordings.


MRF said...

I am using iTalk Recorder Apk for phone call record. Not showing any problem yet.

AJPEE said...

Unless your telephone conversations are running into an hour or two long you won't have a problem. As I stated in the post, some of my files are very large, up to 600MB, that soon uses up space.

PJ said...

I recorded a voice clip today but after one hour it disappeared . Can I retrieve it as it was very very important one . I dint delete it. Pls help

AJPEE said...

The only thing I can suggest is you scroll down to the bottom of the list of recording. At the bottom of the list it should say "Deleted Recordings" click on this to see if the recording you are looking for is present.Italk automatically saves as you record so I would be surprised if it has totally disappeared. Best of luck!