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Filmstro is something of a unique service when it comes to music. With plugins for both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, you can pick your music and then use sliders to adjust the momentum, depth and power of that music throughout your clip. You can adjust any tune to match the mood of your scene as it changes from shot to shot.

But they have static versions of all their Royalty Free music, too, and they’ve just released them to the world for free for use on YouTube. Even if your video is monetised.

Filmstro’s regular mixed music is repeatable and can literally go on forever. So, you can tailor it to whatever length of video you need. The static music is limited to 90 seconds, but for many videos, that’s going to work just fine. You can still just loop the songs in the background if it’s going under a voiceover, for example.

There are some restrictions on the license, after all, it’s for non-commercial purposes. You can’t use it in wedding videos, paid ads, apps with in-app purchases, etc. But the license does allow for use in personal YouTube videos, even if they’re monetised.

A Filmstro music track can be used as part of a video soundtrack (synchronisation license) in perpetuity and worldwide in the below instances:
Personal Youtube (including monetised videos)
Personal Vimeo (excluding Video on Demand)
Personal Other video platforms (not-paid advertising)
Personal Social Media (not including paid ads)
Personal Website and showreel (excludes wedding videos)
Film Festivals (Submission and screening – excludes distribution)
Free Podcasts
Free Tutorials
Free Games
Free Apps (excludes apps with in-app purchases)
Crowdfunding videos

To browse Filmstro’s collection of music, download the 90-second sequences, and start playing around with the audio mixing for yourself, head on over to the Filmstro website.

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