AVG update issue - Invalid update control CTF file

I am a great fan of AVG anti-virus but every now and again it does something stupid.This morning I was getting an error message:- "Invalid update control CTF file". A quick Google came up with all the usual crap about editing the registry etc. I thought, there has to be an easier way! Checked on the AVG site under support and at the top of the list was an item titled - "AVG update issue - Invalid update control CTF file". Which I read. I followed the instructions but the ino does not seem to apply to the FREE version. I could not find the place in the tool box which was suggested. It essentially suggested deleting all the files with ctf extension.

So I thought I will do it through Search in Windows Explorer, No ctf files. They may be hidden I thought, went into Tools> Folder Options> View and ticked Show hidden files and unticked Hide unprotected operating system files ( be sure to go back and change this when you have finished). I then searched for files with extension ctf. NOTHING drrrrr.... Then I noticed on the search menu there is an option to "Change whether hidden and system files are included" I thought I had done that all ready. However next search revealed 2 .ctf files which I duly deleted. Delighted to say next time I ran the AVG update it worked OK.

What do little old ladies do when they get these silly b***y problems? If they are anything like the little old ladies I know they ring me on a Sunday morning when I have just settled down with the paper!

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