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If you look to the right of this column you will see that I have a list of recent posts. This is created by a Widget designed by Blogger Buster. this widget references a JavaScript that parses your blog's feed and displays the titles of the most recent posts in a list. It overcomes the limitations of the Blogger Archive list. The Blogger Buster site has a Script Creator Form on the site so there is no messing around with cutting and pasting scripts.

This is a image of the form -

Read the instructions before you use the form, I didn't read the instructions the first time I used it and fiddled around for ages trying to get it to work! You need to leave off the http:// and the last / from your URL when you load it into the form.

Occasionally this form may not be available if the site is under pressure. If that happens come back later when things have quietened down. There will be a message to this effect.

Get the Widget here.

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