Brother HL-2250DM Printer - Toner Light Stays On

When I changed the toner cartridge in my  Brother HL-2250DM printer the toner light stayed on and I could not print. I was not sure if  this was because I was trying a compatible toner cartridge for the first time or because I had taken the toner cartridge out without turning the printer off first or a combination of the two! This was the 3rd time I had changed the cartridge, previously I had used  Brother cartridges and not had a problem.

A Google search for an answer, found the following procedure suggested for different Brother printers but I thought I would give it a try and BINGO (Housey Housey) it seemed to work.

1. With the replacement cartridge installed. Turn power off

2. Open front cover ie access cover to toner cartidge

3. Hold GO button and turn power on

4. When all 3 lights are lit release and press GO twice

5. All lights should come on

6. With all lights on, press GO 5 times

7. Error light turns red and flashes

8. Close front cover

NOTE: In my case the toner light stayed on but the printer worked, however after a few minutes the toner light went out.*

You can also find instructions on the Ciberdirect website. **

PS. After I have installed a new cartridge I print off the "Printer Settings Page"  so I can check how many pages I printed from the previous cartridge. Press the Go button three times within 2 seconds. The printer will print the current printer settings page. The cartridges are supposed to be good for 2600 pages, I regularly get over 6000 pages by using "Toner Save Mode" setting and printing "Booklet" option for long documents.

Amended 7.2.12* and 2.2.14**

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