Word 2010 Insert Endnote at end of a Section

The menu layout in Word 2010 is so frustrating at times. I wanted to insert Endnotes before my References, so I made a Section Break [Next Page] but the end notes came at the end of the 2nd section, ie after my Reference Section. After much searching I discovered the answer here.

This is the post which provided the answer, I hope you can follow it...
 ... make your changes directly in the Footnote and Endnote dialog, which you can open with the dialog launcher in the bottom right corner of the Footnotes group on the References tab? Select Endnotes, select "End of section," select the desired number format, select Continuous (assuming you're putting them all at the end), and make sure "Whole document" is selected under "Apply to."

Screen Clip - Footnote Endnote Menu
Finding the answer was a problem because Word 2012 does this differently to previous versions of word and many of the answers that come up are for the older versions.

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